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LOST co-producer Lindelof defends the writer’s strike.

Damon Lindelof is the co-creator, co-producer, and head writer of the ABC hit television series “Lost.” What is typically called a ‘showrunner’ in Hollywood. He’s on strike right now because… well he’s a better writer than I’ll every be, so I’ll let him explain via his editorial in this morning’s NY Times.

I am willing to hold firm for considerably longer than three months
because this is a fight for the livelihoods of a future generation of
writers, whose work will never “air,” but instead be streamed, beamed
or zapped onto a tiny chip.

The studios want to pay writers $0.00 for that work while they continue to make billions off new media formats. There is no way writers will every go back to work with that deal.

I hope the Studio Moguls wake up and come back to the table with a reasonable offer soon. As Lindelof implies the whole business model is changing. Stories like this one at Reuters should put the fear in the studios that if they don’t start negotiating soon, they risk the immediate lost of their whole business model. (Read)