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Women’s Murder Club: Maybe Baby

It starts off looking like a normal murder.  The ladies are called to a dead body dumped in a park.  He’s a night security guard who lived just a block away.  But the real problem becomes when they discover that his young wife was nine months pregnant.  And is missing.

Naturally, every resource of the San Francisco police department is put into finding the wife.  Especially when they discover that she has gone into labor.

But the case brings up personal issues for Jill and Lindsay.  Commitment shy Jill doesn’t want to have kids and that is one of the hold ups in her current relationship with Luke.  Will her maternal instinct kick in?

Meanwhile Lindsay is having her own problems.  Ex-husband Tom is getting remarried soon.  And while she knew it was coming, the suddenness of it seems to set her off.  Or could it be something more?

Okay, so I should have seen Lindsay’s real issue coming.  And I’ve probably spoiled it for anyone who didn’t already know what it was.  But how they revealed it and when actually provided some nice drama and adds another layer to the character.

The case was another one of those sad ones.  The husband didn’t deserve to die.  And I do feel sorry for the baby.  But this show is certainly always on the dark side.

Yet the humor continues to lighten things.  The ladies’ bantering doesn’t put me off like it did the first few weeks.  In fact, I often look forward to it.

And, while Lindsay was still the lead character (and I know that won’t change), the other three provided some good leads this week.  I especially loved watching news reporter Cindy tracking down clues from the tip line.  I’d love to hear some of those so I can hear how OJ and aliens tied into this case.

Looks like we’ve got a double header next week.  There’s a new episode Thursday after Grey’s Anatomy and at the regular time Friday.  So you’ll be seeing lots of me.