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Women’s Murder Club: Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts

I have already established that I am a mystery fan.  So it will probably come as a surprise to you when I reveal that I hate my murder mysteries messy.  Now what do I mean by messy?  Yes, I have a weak stomach, but that isn’t what I mean.  I like the victims to be evil people who deserve to die.  That makes the death easier for me to enjoy.  But that wasn’t the case with this week’s episode of Women’s Murder Club.

The victim was found on the street, so the first assumption was she was a hooker.  However, a phone call to the woman’s cell phone reveals that the victim had a 17 year old daughter.  And the woman was going out on the first date she’d had in five years.

Now that they don’t have the hooker angle to pursue, Lindsay, Claire, and Jill have to delve into the woman’s life to find out who killed her.  But the murder weapon and the criminal are going to be very shocking to everyone.

I’ve got to say three episodes in and I am getting used to the format.  Heck, I’m even laughing at some of the lines the ladies dish about their personal lives.  I still love the fast pace of the show.  And the fact that the story twists still aren’t surprising me is a definite plus.

Plus they finally brought Cindy into the club.  Granted, she still doesn’t have much to do, but her scenes are improving.  And that scene at the end when they let her in was funny.  I really hope now that she is in they will develop her like they have the other three.

Because we are getting to know the leads a little bit at a time.  This week was definitely Jill’s turn as she took in the victim’s daughter so she didn’t have to go into the foster system.  The reason behind that was completely predictable (Jill was in foster care herself as a child), but added something to the character.

And can I say just how much I am enjoying Linda Park?  She plays Jill’s hard nosed boss Denise.  See, I watched Star Trek: Enterprise, and I felt Linda was underused on that show.  It’s nice to see her doing something else and doing it so well.  Denise, at least for me, falls into the love to hate her camp.  I hope that continues as the series progresses.