How much would you pay for a Disney t-shirt? $209?

Disney has slowly been getting into the Hip Hop Streetwear scene. Remember that Rapping Mickey T-shirt from the 80s? More recently you may have seen some great stuff at Span of Sunset, there were those Bloc28 New Era Graffiti inspired caps ($75 at Span of Sunset), and now Japanese clothing label, Roen, has created a Halloween inspired Mickey Mouse t-shirt that will be available on October 31st at Crown Jewel. Cost? About $209 USD. That’s a lot of Disney Dollars.

(via Hypebeast)

1 thought on “How much would you pay for a Disney t-shirt? $209?”

  1. I’m sorry but that’s way too much money for something that is just going to wear out and get holes in it from use.

    I have a hard enough time justifying the cost of the jeans I have to buy at $80-90, but I’m 5’3″ with a 29″ waist and it’s hard to find stuff that fits unless I’m willing to shop at the husky boys section of the store.

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