Who Framed Ratatouille?

Jeff Pepper at 2719 Hyperion posts in defense of Ratatouille. Why does a $500 million box office hit even need defending? Perhaps because it is still carrying the baggage of the Disney-Pixar merger.

I will unapologetically acknowledge that I have long championed the Disney-Pixar marriage. For doing so, I have been described by some as an uneducated pollyanna with a clear fan-rooted bias, clinging to an unrealistic view of what is ultimately a financially driven dynamic. By not consistently addressing Disney’s entertainment endeavors from perspectives relating to corporate politics and fiscal performance, I have been told that I am essentially engaging in Mickey Mouse journalism of the most irresponsible nature.

And the heart of Disney entertainment is unbridled, inspired creativity, rooted in the dogged determination, passion and unbending commitment to quality demonstrated by the company’s founder and namesake. Sure, it is an idealistic sentiment that has at times been undermined by uninspired executives, boardroom politics and monetary motivations. But it is in fact the nucleus of Disney fandom. We do not arrive at our passions because of interests in corporate governance, financial ledgers and monetary projections.

And while one could never at any point deem those subjects irrelevant, when it comes to Disney entertainment, they must always be viewed within the context of supporting creative visions and providing quality products.

Way to go Jeff. My sentiments exactly. (Link)

2 thoughts on “Who Framed Ratatouille?”

  1. The thing that strikes me is that this guy – and you as well – are such strong evangelists and enthusiasts that you’re propping up the brand all by yourselves. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but its your excitement that is contagious. I can tell you that reading The Disney Blog for as long as I have has increased my passion for the company.

    If only every company, regardless of industry or product or anything else, had a couple people like you in its corner. And those that do need to harness their power.

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