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San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park Damaged in Fires

The San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park has sustained some slight damage in the current fires. As of 12:30 PST the animals are okay, but some facilities have burnt. According to a blog set up to report on the affect of the fires on the park:

Spot fires are still turning up and are being extinguished. A small core of employees are on hand to care for the animals while others are assisting with fire and wind damage. All the California condors remain safely at the fire-safe Paul Harter Veterinary Medical Center. However, one of the empty condor breeding facilities has been lost to fire. Again, the condors were already safely housed at the veterinary facility along with education animals. An area housing Festival of Lights materials was also burned. Winds have damaged trees throughout the Park, but again the animals and exhibits are weathering the storm.

The San Diego Zoo is run by a 501(c)3 non profit organization the Zoological Society of San Diego (**** rating on Charity Navigator). If you would like you make a tax deductible donation to help them in their recovery from the fires you can do so at Note: please add $0.13 (thirteen cents) to your donation so we can keep track of how many donations are made from the Online Disney Fan Community.

Update: The Wild Animal Park is now accepting credit card donations of any amount for their ‘Re-Greening Fund‘ to restore the park. Remember to add $0.13 for tracking.

The Wild Animal Park covers more than 1800-acres. That’s quite a lot of space to protect. Hopefully all the workers and all the animals will continue to be okay as the fires move through. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fires.