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Women’s Murder Club: Train in Vain


So the women are back for round two. This week’s episode opens with Lindsay and Claire helping Jill move out of her place so she can move in with her doctor boyfriend. They are interrupted by their cell phones ringing. They know it’s bad when all three of them get the call at the same time.

And it is bad. Three people have been gunned down on the subway, called BART in San Francisco.  There’s the disabled Iraq vet, the computer software guy, and the divorced woman.

The first thought on everyone’s mind is this is a spree killing. Now you’d think with all the mysteries I read, I would have heard the term by now, but I hadn’t. Basically, a spree killing is a random crime where the killer kills for fun. Not only would this make the killer harder to catch, but it would terrorize all of San Francisco and keep them from riding BART.

Fortunately, that avenue is closed down when the murder weapon is found. Now Lindsay has to track down the gun owner to solve the case. Only when she does that, things don’t add up. So, which of the victims was the intended target? And who hired the man who pulled the trigger?

All I’m going to say about the rest? Never mess with accountants. (Have I mentioned I’m an accountant by day?)

Meanwhile, we get more details about the women’s personal lives. Lindsay met Tom’s new fiancee. You know, Tom, her ex husband who is also her new boss. Jill confided in Lindsay that she slept with Owen.  Again. Claire tried to deal with a husband who feels sorry for himself all the time.

And Cindy the newspaper reporter?  Despite the other three’s best attempts to keep her out of the loop and out of their hair, she provided some of the big clues that helped crack the case. Still, I feel sorry for her. Not only do the other characters truly already have a bond, but they also have a reason to be investigating. I really hope they bring Cindy in soon because this "I want to help, why won’t you let me" act is going to get old fast. Furthermore, she’s the least developed character, only showing up to give them some information, beg to be let in the club, and wisked off again. Give her some kind of storyline, stat!

Having said that, I’m still on the fence about the women’s personal lives. I really fear this show is going to turn into CSI meets Grey’s Anatomy. I like making the lead characters real. I just don’t like making their personal lives into a soap opera.

Still, I can really find myself getting hooked on this show. I love the rapid fire dialogue. The mysteries have been decent. And we got another tantalizing bit about the Kiss Me Not Killer. His last victim was from Nevada, meaning he brought her across state lines. Which means Lindsay is off the case since it now is in the FBI’s jurisdiction. How can Lindsay keep her hold on this case? You can bet I’m going to watch next week and find out.