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GPS Benchmark Hunting at Disneyland and Walt Disney World

There’s a new online magazine for Geocaching and Benchmark hunting. It’s called "Caching Now". The first issue features a story on Benchmark Hunting at Walt Disney World.

In case you weren’t already aware, there are thousands upon thousands of survey marks in the U.S. that aren’t in the NGS database, and therefore not listed on Those marks include ones at the Disney properties in California and Florida. Fortunately, most of the Disney marks have already been found by other geocachers, so you can use their coordinates to zero right in on the disks.

What makes the Disney bench marks even more fun to find are their delightful designs. The Florida disks feature the original Walt Disney World logo: a globe of the earth with latitude lines, longitude lines, and Mickey Mouse ears. In California, except for one remaining original disk that uses the Disneyland logotype, the survey marks show the signature structures of both parks: Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park and Grizzly Peak at Disney’s California Adventure.

The full article has resources for getting started on your hunt. So next time you’re off to a Disney theme park grab your GPS and go benchmark hunting. (Read)