Disneyland and SOAR just got its second ballot initiative approved for the next election with more than enough signatures. This initiative would take the power to change the Anaheim Resort area zoning out of the hands of the City Council and put in the hands of the citizens.  This could be a double-edged sword for Disney. Right now the citizens of Anaheim are on Disney’s side as they know where  their bread is buttered with the taxes Disneyland generates. But that could flip just like the city council flipped.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, the actress who portrays her, is a hot property. Her upcoming Anaheim concert sold out in minutes and tickets are selling online for as much as $2500.00 when the original price was no more than $63.00. Even the Rolling Stones doesn’t command that sort of money these days.

The MouseKingdom Blog asks a very good question. With the growing array of family entertainment appearing in Dubai, and the continued difficulty of Europeans gaining visa’s and getting through the US security process, how long is it before Dubai becomes the preferred destination for family vacations?

Employment law probably seems full of murky corners to the average employee. Throw in the need for accommodation for a disability and it can get downright obscure. The employee thinks one thing and the employer another, both could be right, or it could be a shade of gray. This probably explains why a former WDW cast member is suing the mouse for violating the his rights by not accommodating his OCD. Disney, of course, claims they’ve done everything by the book. With 60,000+ employees, it’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often.

What has been popping out from that pool of employees more often than usual are child predators. So Disney is bringing out the big guns to do some additional screening and just as important some PR to counter the spooky feelings these arrests generate.

There has been a shake up at The Children’s Place that resulted in the ouster of its CEO and rumors that the company is now up for sale. Something tells me that the Walt Disney Company may end up operating its Disney Stores again sometime soon.

Oops. Former "Lost" star Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail for failing to complete community service and alcohol monitoring as part of her probation from a previous drunk driving incident. Seems she was actually in New York when she says she was performing community service. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do it.

Looks like Gatorland will finally start construction on its new entrance after the old one burnt down last year. The design looks great and the famous Gator Jaws will continue to be an important part of the design. Hopefully there is some improved fire-prevention in there too.