Was Epcot Spurred to do more by Fans Plans for 25th?

The Orlando Sentinel reports on expanded plans for observing EPCOT’s 25th Anniversary on October 1st. After the former park VP announced there would be no public observance of the date, fans took it upon themselves to organize events at the park that weekend. Now, the park is coming through with a ceremony, a new exhibit, and some other ‘retro’ takes on souvenirs, maps, and more.

MacPhee, one of Epcot’s original employees from 1982 [and the new Epcot vice president, ed.], said the anniversary is still focused on employees, particularly the 300 who both opened the park and still work there. That effort began earlier this month, with various commemorative decorations, giveaways and employee recognitions.

"We’ve always planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary for our cast. It began to evolve very quickly as we focused on what a great milestone it is," MacPhee said. "It’s great. I love the fact that people have such huge passion about what we’re doing."

That’s incredible that there are still 300 original cast members still working at EPCOT Center. It’s even more amazing that the new park VP is one of them. Glad to see they’re getting some much deserved attention during this celebration. I hope they’re all brought out on stage at some point during the ceremony on the 1st so we can get a photo of them together.

Are any The Disney Blog readers planning on being at Epcot on the 1st? Perhaps we should get together too. (Read)