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Tuesday Roundup – Sept 18th

  • Disneyland Resort has finally announced an expansion of the Grand Californian to include over 250 new rooms. 50 of those rooms will be Disney Vacation Club Villas. I’m sure I don’t have to mention that 50 is not nearly enough. How are they going to assign these rooms? By lottery?
  • Kevin Yee breaks out the doomsday scenario for how Peak Oil will affect Walt Disney World. Better hope Disney has a secret stash under the Universe of Energy Attraction. Someone find Ellen.
  • Speaking of Ellen, she’s having problems getting clips from her own sit-com to use on her talk show. Guess who owns that old footage. I’m betting Disney’s not planning on having Ellen take part in any updates to Universe of Energy. You know like an update that might mention how global warming is melting ice at an astounding rate (Northwest Passage anyone?) and we might want to cut back on those carbon emissions a bit.
  • Epcot Central continues expands upon his recent post with a close look on exactly what is in a name?
  • Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney wants to introduce you to Don Rosa. He’s the artist, who when no one expected a replacement for Carl Banks (Donald Duck Comic Book Artist extraordinare), stepped up to the plate and met all expectations.
  • CNN Columnist Paul La Monica  looks at Robert Iger’s attempt to make over the Walt Disney Company or what La Monica calls ‘Disney 2.0‘.