Guests gone wild? Or when Pluto attacks? You decide

Okay, I’ve been sent this video like 20 times today. If you haven’t seen it yet, it features Mickey’s lovable dog Pluto doing what he’s known to do, have fun.

Here he’s seen chasing a young guest, which isn’t abnormal for Pluto to do. What is unusual is the number of guests around. I think Pluto is forgetting the number one mantra for cast members at Disneyland, Safety First.

That said, there is no excuse for what that woman does either. She could have gotten hurt, and Pluto could have gotten hurt. I’m sure that fall off the curb was not a pleasant experience. But still, this really isn’t that unusual for the park. Guests and Characters sometimes interact in an overly playful manner.

What makes this video so amazing to me is that I’ve never seen someone in a walk-around costume drop so completely out of character on stage. Yet, that’s exactly what Pluto does when he gets up and points accusingly at the woman, then just walks away with his paws held up looking for a Disney cast member.

I haven’t been at Disneyland in a few years, but when I was a regular there, it was not unusual for two or three walk-arounds to be out in Town Square with only one "Zoo Crew" cast member to keep an eye on them. The comments on the video at youtube say everything ended peacefully, but I wish this video went on just a bit longer to see how it was handled.

I wonder if we’ll see this video on ABC’s I-Caught.