Epcot Central is back

See. I knew he couldn’t stay away after that big announcement.

If EPCOT Center never became what "Walt wanted," it became something close to what Walt might have loved. In its slow transition to "just Epcot," this extraordinary place of hope, vision and community became nothing more than another place to build mundane attractions, then populate them with the latest Disney cartoon creations. EPCOT Center lost more than some capitalization and a word, it lost its soul and became an MBA-bearing marketer’s dream. Its size and scope meant more retail space for the latest all-alike Disney products, its complex attractions became nothing more than acreage on which new, cheaper rides and shows could be built, further improving OI and revenue.

With Epcot’s 25th Anniversary finally being given its due, a rumored name change back to EPCOT Center and the departure of some key management seen to be in the way of restoring EPCOT’s original vision, it is more important than ever to keep the pressure on with examples of what made the original EPCOT work and what can be done with the current version to bring back some of that excitement and feeling.

It’s nice to have you back Epcot Central. (Read)