Pushing Daisies Over Budget? And So What!

Last Wednesday Kim Masters, whom you may remember from her hit piece of Michael Eisner, wrote about how ABC’s most anticipated new show "Pushing Daisies" is over budget and that director Barry Sonnenfeld has been asked to direct fewer episodes to save some money. Joel Keller at TV Squad got a chance to ask Sonnenfeld about Master’s article and see if he wanted to clear anything up. Boy did he.

"You know, the writer [Masters, ed.] of the piece hasn’t written a lot about Hollywood, I think," said Sonnenfeld. "Almost every show after the pilot is over-budget."

I love how Sonnenfeld gets in a dig at Masters, who has written a lot about Hollywood. Just not in a way Hollywood insiders appreciate.

"Pushing Daisies" premieres October 3rd on ABC. Btw, check out the online comic!