Morning Roundup – August 29th

  • The Disney Enquirer is back with another look at new Disney Domains. Also something good there.
  • Although the parks have announced they’re extending the "Year of a Million Dreams" contest, they still haven’t updated the official rules. Wonder when that is going to happen.
  • As Disney prepares to relaunch the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea brand, it’s worth a visit to see the ‘Vulcania‘ which dives into all layers of fandom from working Nautilus Replicas to Steampunk designed offices.
  • Rubén Procopio has sculpted maquettes for the Walt Disney Studios for 25 years. Now his work and other maquettes he collected on on view at the Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale. Who names a museum after a cemetery? I don’t know. But if you’re in the area, do drop in and send me a report!
  • If you enjoy animation you should probably be reading The Firehouse Stomp by Pixar artist Nick Sung. The blog documents the year since his move from Toronto to work in Emeryville.
  • The Disney Channel has made history being the first basic cable channel to average 3.1 million viewers each night for its primetime shows.
  • Apparently Disney workshops a lot of its ice shows in Lakeland, FL. Who knew? Well Jamie Boud knows. He’s been hired by Disney to help with the latest production and blogs about his visit to Lakeland here.
  • The last member of Paul Pressler’s C-level executive team has left The Gap. Byron Pollit follows Pressler and Cynthia Harris?
  • Speaking of Disney Careers gone bad, CNN Money takes a look back at the arc of ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner.