SeaWorld’s new secret to guest satisfaction

SeaWorld claims to have learned a new secret that’s helping them bring in the crowds this summer. What’s the secret that I’m sure all the other theme parks are dying to learn? How about plain old superior customer service.

Record attendance at SeaWorld Orlando this summer has come with what officials there say are record customer-service marks despite the thick crowds — thanks in part to lessons learned from the theme park’s rich little sister park, Discovery Cove.

During the past two years, SeaWorld officials say, they have dramatically ramped up customer-service programs. Additions include a dozen roving guest-service ambassadors, satellite customer-service centers deep inside the park, and sidewalk animal exhibits to entertain people waiting in lines.

So how is this concept of providing outstanding customer service going?

"Our guests are responding positively, and we’re busier than we’ve ever
been," Atchison said. "Having a great product is of no good if people have a
bad experience."

Frankly, it’s been a while since I’ve visited SeaWorld. In part that’s because I felt the guest service just wasn’t at the level it should be. Sounds like they may have turned that around a bit. (Read