Walt Disney explains the Multiplane Camera

One of the animation innovations Walt Disney won an Academy Award for was the Multiplane Camera. This 7 minute film features Walt himself explaining how the camera works and what makes it such an important invention.

I love the cute little section in there with Mickey Mouse (although he may be a bit off model toward the end).

Videos like this make me miss Walt so much. I don’t think anyone at Disney can replace Uncle Walt, but I do miss having a narrator of Disney magic. One of the things I liked about Michael Eisner is that he tried to assume that voice. He may not have been very good at it in the end, but at least he tried.

I just don’t see current CEO Bob Iger doing this, but I hope he’s given it some thought. Maybe do a few sample takes. If it doesn’t look like it will work out, may I suggest John Lasseter for the role. What do you think?