Walt Disney explains the Multiplane Camera

One of the animation innovations Walt Disney won an Academy Award for was the Multiplane Camera. This 7 minute film features Walt himself explaining how the camera works and what makes it such an important invention.

I love the cute little section in there with Mickey Mouse (although he may be a bit off model toward the end).

Videos like this make me miss Walt so much. I don’t think anyone at Disney can replace Uncle Walt, but I do miss having a narrator of Disney magic. One of the things I liked about Michael Eisner is that he tried to assume that voice. He may not have been very good at it in the end, but at least he tried.

I just don’t see current CEO Bob Iger doing this, but I hope he’s given it some thought. Maybe do a few sample takes. If it doesn’t look like it will work out, may I suggest John Lasseter for the role. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Walt Disney explains the Multiplane Camera”

  1. I love this video. I agree with you. Eisner did try to assume the face and voice of the company. Uncle John would be a great face for the company. You need to have the love and enthusiasm that he has.

  2. i agree with the comments above about jon lassiter becoming the new voice of walt disney. i believe what he has, that michael eisner (or eiger) doesn’t, is the creative passion that is needed (along with the childlike spirit) to do these intros and spend some on camera time with us. walt was alway fun to watch, and though rehearsed and contrived at times (such as the explanation of the pirates attraction to the ambassador) it was always safe and comforting, like your favorite uncle telling you a bedtime story, that we have walked away from today. if you look at the relationship of roy and walt, we have that again with bob and john. bob is the business guy and john is the creative spirit.

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