You know you’re a Cast Member when (Continued)

A few more.

You know you’re a Cast Member when…

  • You don’t know any of the names of your managers, but you have your shop stewards cell phone number in your speed dial!
  • You have an overwhelming sensation to pick up trash on your off time.
  • You are happy that High School Musical is doing well because that helps the Disney stock price.
  • You become an expert on the tipping pattern of at least 10 foreign nations.
  • You can still smile when faced with the most foul body odor imaginable.
  • You enjoy scooping ice cream @ 3:00am.
  • You know the true use of a "Honeybucket"!
  • On days off, you go to work to visit your friends.
  • Abbreviations (CDS, CES, FML, MLOA, ROS, STCU, AOP, SPLH, MDS, FDS, COS, COGS, PY, OO’s, ODF, w/e, HC, OT, ST, FT, CR, CT, CP, ICP, CIF, CM).  I’m sure there are a ton more, but that is what I came up with off the top of my head (if anyone knows all of these, I feel sorry for you)

See the original list here and here’s an even older version of the list. (Thanks to Jon H. of NYC for most of these)