HSM2 enters the record books

High School Musical 2 sets a record for the most watched basic cable broadcast ever. 17.2 million people tuned in to see if Troy and Gabriella would stay together and exactly how bad Sharpay could be (pretty bad). I watched parts of the move as I did some housework. All in all I thought it was a pretty good follow up to the original. I wasn’t happy with the Golf Club setting, which was Boring, and I thought the stories of the rest of the cast were left behind. Hopefully HSM3 will get more time for those characters to grow.

Am I wrong or was the plot lifted from one of Annette Funicello’s Beach Party films?

What did you think of the movie? How about Zac Efron’s singing voice? Does he have a future on the charts? Is there one particular song from the movie that you think will break out like "We’re All in this Together" did for the first film?

1 thought on “HSM2 enters the record books”

  1. You know, I loved the first one. But I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by this one. While the first one was formulaic, I felt this one was worse. Maybe because I felt the plot was pretty similar to the first one.

    Break out songs? Maybe “I Don’t Dance,” but probably not.

    I’m not surprised the numbers were huge. But it will be interesting to see if they hold up for DVD sales and repeat showings.


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