Friday Roundup


  • The official poster for Disney’s Enchanted is out. You can also see movie’s official trailer at its YouTube page. That’s Susan Sarandon looking perfectly wicked as the evil witch. This film opens with 15 minutes of hand drawn animation, which Disney had to outsource because they had fired or converted all their animators and sold all their animation desks.
  • The Walt Disney Company is searching for a Director of Regional Resorts. Sounds like the program for Location Based Entertainment is getting off the ground.
  • The OC Register has a round up of the events surrounding Wednesday’s premiere event for High School Musical 2. Meanwhile AOL’s Bloggingstocks wonders if HSM2 will be as big a financial success for the Walt Disney Company as the original. If you haven’t had enough HSM yet, then The Orlando Sentinel has the weekend all laid out for you with back to back Disney specials surrounding the cable premiere of the movie.
  • The University of Washington tells Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to go take a hike. They’re not interested in retracting the press release that falsely linked Baby Einstein DVDs to a study that did not specifically study those DVDs. Come on guys, it’s okay to admit you made a mistake.
  • The Disney Enquirer is out with another ‘Imagineering a New Kingdom‘ that includes a good roundup of changes that are underway at Walt Disney World. Nothing earth shattering, but it shows good progress.
  • The DE also links to this discussion board post at WDWMagic with photos of the new SpectroMen… those creepy mask wearing characters at the beginning  of the SpectroMagic Parade. Looks like they’ve ditched the glowing masks in favor of some simple face paint. Gonna have to go see this change for myself.