Weekend Roundup – Some light Sunday Reading

USPS will be debuting the next set of four 41 cent Disney Character stamps this Thursday at Walt Disney World. The Postal Service honors the theme of magic as imagined by Walt Disney and his studio animators in the fourth in the Art of Disney stamp pane series. Now, with help from a few beloved Disney characters, it’s easy to add a dash of magic to your cards and letters with stamps that feature Dumbo and Timothy Mouse, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse as "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice," and Aladdin and Genie.

  • Doug Marsh at LaughingPlace.com turns back the clock 10 years to the 10th anniversary of The Disney Gallery in Disneyland. The 10th Anniversary marked the load in for the new Tomorrowland preview and the ceremony was full of Disney legends. The next time I visit Disneyland I know it will feel very weird to look up to that balcony and know it’s now off limits to guests.
  • The Kennebec Journal profiles Ashley Pooler, an intern in the upcoming shift of Walt Disney World College Program participants. Pooler hasn’t let being born deaf restrict her life opportunities. She’s had surgery that has given her some hearing capabilities and knows how to read lips. Good luck to Ashley and the entire pool of WDWCP candidates.
  • Art inspired from Pixar’s Ratatouille auctioned for Charity. 10 year old girl wins the artwork valued at $40,000 and a community theater gets a chance to do some much needed repairs. So everybody wins!
  • Speaking of Ratatouille, the film finally debuted in France (after having it’s premier the same week as the American Premiere) and broke box office records for an animated film in France. Ratatouille has now earned over $276 million internationally.
  • Universal Studios Orlando may have experienced a drop in attendance, but they had a rise in revenue. This comes after successive years of raising prices to match Disney World’s admission. So the balance sheet looks healthy, but I have to wonder if this is a healthy way to do business in the long term. Word of mouth is just one aspect of theme park promotion, but it’s an important one. If fewer people are coming, fewer people are hearing about what a good time was had. They’re also hearing that each trip is more and more expensive, that can’t be a good thing either.
  • Two articles look at the stage version of High School Musical. The New York Times likens it to a new religion that has stolen the hearts and minds of millions of young Americans. The Chicago Tribune says it’s "Big" and a whole lot better than the movie. To find out when the touring theatrical version is coming to a city year you, visit DisneyTheatrical.com. It’s currently in Chicago and will be heading toward Toronto next. This HSM thing just might have legs.
  • Finally, don’t miss Rob Richards recently launched Animation Backgrounds blog. When you’ve had your fill there, go overdose on Hans Bacher’s similar project at Animation Treasure.