The secret rooms of Epcot

As a long time fan of Disneyland on of my biggest thrills was my first visit to Club 33. When Walt built New Orleans Square he wanted to have a place where he could entertain VIPs, particularly the CEOs and owners of the various corporations, who helped build Disneyland and its various eateries, stores, and attractions. Club 33 was the result. It is now a private club, with a long waiting list to join, and the only place you can be served alcohol inside the park. Many companies use Club 33 as a private lounge to entertain their customers during a visit to Disneyland.

When they built EPCOT they took the corporate lounge idea to the next level. Nearly every pavilion in Future World and the World Showcase has a room hidden away somewhere that either once served as the sponsor’s lounge or still does. As part of the Undiscovered World walking tour at Epcot, I got to enjoy a few of these rooms. But the majority, I still haven’t see what they looked like. That is until now.

Following a lead for another story, I stumbled upon this website that gives event planners a preview of the spaces available for their parties. The site highlights exclusive spaces in Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Downtown Disney, and EPCOT available to book for your special event. For most spaces they’ve included a Quicktime VR 360 degree photo of the space and photos. Some also have video

To see these secret rooms of Epcot, look at the entries for The American Adventure Parlor, The Living Seas Salon, Norway Loft, and Wonders of Life Retreat. Don’t miss the Quicktime VR previews for the other parks too. Lots of great stuff the average guest just doesn’t get to see. (Link)