Friday Roundup

  • Theme park price wars continue in the Orlando area. Only the trend isn’t downward, instead Universal has raised prices to match Walt Disney World‘s recent increase. Newsflash, adding four dollars to your price doesn’t suddenly make your theme park better or more of a deal… how about offering some value and really compete for the customer on pricing.
  • Will High School Musical 2 be as big a hit as the original? That’s the question this USAToday article tries to answer. There’s also a pretty snappy making of video there too. If that’s not enough HSM2 for you, then head on over to where they have the full details of the movie in a handy guide.
  • Before the house of the future at Disneyland there was the House of Plastic in Popular Science Magazine 1955. Gorilla’s don’t blog, has the article scans.
  • Spirit of Aloha performer named fireknife World Champion. Cast Member
    Andrew “Umi” Sexton is now the Senior Division World Champion of the 2007 Samoan World Fireknife Dance Championship at the Samoa
    Festival in Laie, Hawaii. Congratulations Umi!
  • ESPN Podcenter now available on Apple’s iPhone. ESPN Podcenter packages 35 ESPN podcasts in an easy to use format for the iPhone.