Disney’s Hollywood Studios, some comments

A few comments on the new name for Disney-MGM Studios before I toddle off to bed. If you go look at the whois for the new domain names, you’ll see they were just registered August 3rd. So either the folks at Disney are incompetent or too cheap and don’t spend the $8.95 to register a domain name the minute they start discussing it as a serious possibility (ie, when it’s one of the last few choices) OR they really just made the decision to not follow one of the other choices (Disney-Pixar Studios, Disney/ABC Studios, and Walt Disney Studios Florida or just simple Disney Studios were all reportedly under consideration) they had been considering and to go with this option instead.

The funny thing is, back around Star Wars Weekends I heard that this was the possible name, so I went home to see if it had been registered. It hadn’t. I thought about registering it then, but I would probably just have to give it up if they requested anyway. Some random guy owns DisneyPixarStudios.com.

How do I feel about Disney’s Hollywood Studios as the new name? I think it’s good. It will allow the park to be reworked under a cohesive theme, bring in some new lands, and allow some of those attractions that don’t fit the movie production theme (like Tower of Terror) to now fit in appropriately.

If there is one bad thing about this name it is that ‘Hollywood’ has a slightly negative connotation. Think of a politician railing against the violence laden Hollywood films (even if they were produced in Vancouver, BC). So in that sense Hollywood is a construct. But it’s also a very real place with very real problems and real studios. Disney isn’t located in Hollywood. Neither is Pixar, nor Lucas film. Heck even MGM Studios was in the San Fernando Valley at its demise. Parts of the real Hollywood are pretty seedy too.

I have faith that Disney’s great team at Walt Disney Imagineering can overcome these challenges and cash in on the positive aspects that the term Hollywood conjures. It’s all about setting the mood with the details and telling a great story. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.