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Wednesday Roundup – August 8th

  • Disney has announced that the Year of A Million Dreams promotion will be extended to run a full 24 months making it the Two Years Of A Number Larger Than A Million But Probably Less Than Three Million Dreams (or TYOANLTAMBPLTTMD for short). There is some word that new prizes will be introduced. We know that Disneyland will add one night’s stay in Walt’s New Orleans Square apartment (formerly the Disney Gallery). No word yet on what Disney World is adding. Dare I hope for a new car a day giveaway? Or perhaps a DVC Membership a day? They do have some extra capacity to fill at Saratoga Springs.
  • Talks between Disneyland, its Save Our Anaheim Resort coalition, and SunCal, the developer who wishes to build some expensive condos within the Anaheim Resort District, have ground to a halt. A quick resolution could be had if the City Council overturns their previous ill-considered decision. If that doesn’t happen I believe Disney will sue in court for a swift election to be held to resolve the matter via the referendum process. Polls show Disney’s position has popular support. The residents of Anaheim know where their bread is buttered, even if certain members of the city council don’t.
  • Google has added parts of the Orlando, FL area to its ‘Street View’ feature on Google Maps. They did take a drive through the Walt Disney World Resort. But upon initial inspection, I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I am surprised that the toll booth operators on World Drive let them through. I’m disappointed that they didn’t make the loop behind the Magic Kingdom (not that there is anything real exciting to see back except for a couple fireworks launch locations). This is very useful if you drive by landmark. They did include parts of downtown Celebration, FL. I love the architecture there even if some of the magical feel from Celebrations early days is gone.
  • Disney Cruise Lines admits its mistake and won’t charge passengers an extra-fee to navigate the Panama Canal. The Canal changed recently the way it charged tolls, which raised Disney’s costs somewhat. Alas both Disney cruises had already been booked in advanced. So what was Disney to do? Eat the cost or pass it on to the customers? They made the wrong decision initially, but have now decided to eat the cost. The cynical side of me says that Disney won’t be eating $500,000 in extra costs. They’ll try to make it up by cutting costs in labor, food, and other amenities. So either way the passengers will pay for the new toll.
  • Kevin Jarrett on The Story of My "Second Life" reviews the significance of Disney’s recent purchase of Club Penguin. For those who shrug off this deal as another mistake, Jarrett asks them to come back and think it over again.
  • Honor Hunter of Blue Skye Disney chimes in with his version of the seemingly obligatory Disney blogger post "What Would Walt Think?"
  • Finally, don’t miss Jeff Pepper’s The Soundtracks of our Memories over at 2719 Hyperion. One thing Disney has always known is that great memories are often associated with great music. Jeff looks at some of his favorites.