Disney Domain Update and more! Could Disney-MGM Studios new name have been revealed?

Update: Name Change is now official.

The Disney Enquirer has posted their latest update from Disney’s World. There’s a look at the Wonders Of Life pavilion minus the giant DNA statue and its sign and a look at other renovations.

As usual there’s a slew of new Disney owned domains. I don’t know what they’re planning to use DisneyWorldMoms.com for, but I think Disney is currently missing out on a segment of the locals market by not targeting mom’s who frequent the parks with their kids. So a social network website that combines play dates, exercise walks, tips and tricks for visiting the parks, and perhaps a discount or two would be a popular website.

Disney also registered a group of names revolving around "Disney Hollywood Studios". The Disney Enquirer speculates that this has something to do with bringing the Hollywood Pictures movie studio into the Disney brand. It might, but I suspect this is Disney’s first move as they prepare to rename Disney-MGM Studios.

At one point Tokyo Disneyland’s second gate was to be movie production themed and they were going to name it, you guessed it, Disney Hollywood Studios. I don’t think that idea has every really died at Imagineering and you might see a few ideas from that concept begin to appear in Florida.

DHS is another unfortunate acronym, but I think it’s a smart move for Disney World to ditch the MGM portion of the name and open up the park to ideas from the rest of that glamorous virtual world known as ‘Hollywood’. This will allow a range of new attractions from Disney’s non-Disney partners (Lucasfilm for sure) to fit into the theme, and help them as they struggle with maintaining a cohesive theme for the future of Orlando’s 3rd gate.