Weekend Roundup

  • Disneyland has rolled out Segway tours for the California Adventure theme park. The OC Register has the details.
  • The rumors of a new version of Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain grew a little louder this week. Something needs to happen, the changes in this rumor seems like a good choice.
  • The Wide World of Sports complex has turned out to be a success for the Walt Disney Company, just not in the way the originally envisioned it. They’ve even announced plans to expand the number of fields and courts. But one aspect has never met expectations – The All Star Cafe. They’ve finally decided to throw in the towel on that concept and switch to something they’re calling ‘Fast Casual’.
  • Disney cancels its line of "Ratatouille" wines even before they hit the shelf. Probably a lot more trouble than it was worth for all the reasons explained in this article and one that wasn’t… the movie hasn’t quite hit the numbers that were hoped for at the box office.
  • Veterinarians from Disney’s Animal Kingdom have traveled to South Africa to perform vasectomies on a population of Elephants who have begun to out-populate the reserve. See the exciting video!
  • Broadway World has a short tribute up for Beauty and the Beast. Apparently there might be tickets available for the last few shows still.
  • Tivoli Gardens, one of the European parks that inspired Walt Disney when he was building Disneyland, has grown to be the third most popular park in Europe and the 20th most popular in the world.
  • Brian Stokes has a look at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, the theme park that is beating Disney at it’s own game.

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  1. Poor box office a contributing factor for canceling the wine? I’m not buying it. If Ratatouille had been a smash hit, Disney would still be facing the “promoting underage drinking” issue, and would still make the same decision to pull the wine. I’d even be willing to argue that a smash hit would have caused MORE pressure for them to pull the wine, because that would have meant that Remy would be a more popular character.

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