Morning Round Up – July 19th

  • An anonymous reader of the Upcoming Pixar Blog submitted a very detailed report of a talk given by Michael Johnson (homepage) head of the "Moving Pictures Group" at Pixar. As such Johnson designs, develops and supports the in-house pipeline for the Story and Editorial process. Anyone looking for insight into how the magic happens up at Pixar will find quite a bit of it here.
  • VJ Pixar news reports that a sequel to the Pixar film ‘Cars’ is currently under production in Emeryville. A box office success, but not a mega-success, Cars has really earned its keep by raking in the merchandise money. No doubt they’re looking to continue that trend with a second movie. I’d like to see a Disney afternoon TV show based on the Cars universe too. How about you?
  • The Orlando Sentinel has a bit more information on what happened at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park that led to the arrest of an Alabaman woman for assaulting another guest at the Mad Tea Party teacups attraction.
  • The Disney Enquirer is back with a roundup of news and rumors from around Walt Disney World.
  • Whether you’re driving or biking on Walt Disney World property never forget that you’re surrounded by miles of wilderness full of wildlife. A lesson this bicyclist learned the hard way when he was hit by a deer.
  • NPR’s Marketplace covers the Anaheim Resort Rezoning issue. But they miss reporting on one big fact. Even if the new housing project moves forward it will result in less low-income housing than currently exists at that same location. Anaheim residents should be taking their city council to task for not providing more low-income housing in general, but to place it inside the resort zone is shooting yourself in the foot. Anyone else getting tired of this story?
  • Nothing has changed when it comes to hit Disney recording artists and their ability to break into the playlists at top forty format radio stations. This was going on in the 60s and 70s and continues today with Miley Cyrus and High School Musical. What’s different now is that today’s kids can get their music from a dozen more sources than broadcast radio. As long as those sources send royalty payments back to Disney, I think the mouse house is doing just fine thank you. To help with distribution issues, Disney is even releasing a new format of music CD, the CDVU+. It will be packed with interactive features.
  • The Higgins family lawsuit against ABC, Disney, and the producers of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has taken a huge hit when a judge dismissed the charges. The lawsuit still stands against the Leomiti family that took them in and then forced them out after the hit show finished remodeling their house.