Is Disneyland Art?

Foxxfur at Passport to Dreams has a beautiful tribute to Disneyland on it’s 52nd Birthday. We all know that Walt Disney elevated the business of amusement parks to a whole new level. That by itself is an accomplishment that changed the playing field forever. But is it art? Just by asking that question and being unsure in the answer, we know that it can be.

It may be that Walt Disney, that least pretentious of the art factory
managers, still walks Main Street at night to keep the irony in check.
While we all float in a sea of irony, Disneyland is eternally unironic,
unhip, unsure of itself, reassuringly great entertainment and great art
together. Disneyland is that lamp in the firehouse window when the rest
of America’s Main Street has gone dark, and we have not yet exhausted
all that we can learn from it.

Indeed we have not. Thank you Foxxfur for keeping the lamp lit.