Give your home an Adventureland theme

When I finally get around to furnishing my home office, I want it to be tiki themed. This post by Alain Littaye is a step by step on how to do exactly that.

Today’s article will give you great ideas about how to give your own home a great Adventureland theming.
Yes, what about the idea to create your own Adventureland? That sounds a pretty good idea, doesn’t it? Probably, you may have think about it, and very probably too, you’ve stopped thinking about it immediately, for one main reason: unaffordable, too expensive, impossible……don’t even think about it!
Well, knowing the price of even the most modest of Disney attractions, I would have said not too long ago that your conclusion might be spot on. However, we may be entering an era where it won’t be totally impossible to bring a little of the magic home, and it might even be affordable.

And so it goes into the bookmark list. My friends have some of those Pariarts signs and they look wonderful. You might have to beg to get them to work on your order as they’re booked through the fall.