Morning Round Up – July 11th

  • Kevin Yee has a new column up with a long list covering most of the rumors, changes, and announced projects expected at Walt Disney World. Let nobody say Disney is resting on their laurels right now.
  • Via Upcoming Pixar we learn that Jared’s wife crafted up a Remy the Rat needled felt doll. Very cute!
  • Disney will make presentations on WALL-E and Prince Caspian at the San Diego ComicCon on July 28th. They’ll be handing out an exclusive Prince Caspian poster, as if you needed any more incentive.
  • Color me surprised. ABC has decided on a second run for National Bingo Night with Ed Sanders (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) as the host. Seems like the advertisers were happy with the value, especially when you count the number of bingo cards downloaded (more than 3 million). This time they’ll be trying a five-night run approach, more like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire did at it’s start. That just might work.
  • Cypress Gardens has announced that all the computer systems are a ‘go’ and that the grand opening for the re-dedicated Classic Florida Roller Coaster, The Starliner, is set for this Thursday at 10:30AM. Additionally on Saturday, guests will have the opportunity to ride with 17-year old Disney Channel star Cody Linley.
  • John Knoll, visual effects supervisor at ILM, chats with Computerworld about how movies like Tron influenced his career. Monday was the 25th anniversary of Tron’s release. Man I feel old.