Morning Round Up – June 15th

Kind of a different roundup today… loosely themed to Pixar in the theme parks

  • A few days ago the rumor that Disney-MGM Studios was changing its name to Disney-Pixar Studios began to fall apart. Indications shifted to the idea that just a section of the park will get a Pixar treatment. The alley where Toy Story Mania will open will get the Pixar treatment, that is all for now.
  • Biblioadonis posts parts one and two of his series on What Would Walt Do with today’s theme parks? It’s a great look at how nostalgia plays a role in what each generation enjoys at the parks. I’m afraid the above item takes a little thunder out of his forecast part three.
  • Meanwhile Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney has a post that should inspire you to get out and see Ratatouille even if nothing else can. If anything do it for the parks.
  • To get you excited Hunter followed up with a link to another interview with the remarkable Brad Bird over on Dark Horizons.
  • Meanwhile the UK Telegraph has a story about how excitement is building for Ratatouille. If true, that’s a good sign.
  • Don’t forget the Ratatouille special preview showing tomorrow night! Check for the nearest theater at the official Ratatouille website.