Twenty-Five Live Their Disney Dream ‘Jobs’ at Disneyland Resort

That CareerBuilder promotion where you had to submit a video audition to earn a chance at your ‘dream job’ has played itself through with 25 lucky stiffs performing their roles at Disneyland. CareerBuilder has posted video of the winners in their roles.

The full list of winners is below the cut.

  William Betts, Fresno, Calif. — Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper
  Brodie H. Brockie, Ann Arbor, Mich. — Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper
  Amanda Dron, Webster, N.Y. — Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper
  Jason Klein, Naples, Fla. — Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper
  Grant McConaughy, Castle Rock, Colo. – Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper
  William Bean IV, Groveland, N.Y. — Honorary Pirate
  Stephanie Burke, Charlotte, N.C. — Honorary Pirate
  Brynne Geiszler, Seattle, Wash. — Honorary Pirate
  Alexander Megas, Sunnyvale, Calif. — Honorary Pirate
  Kenneth White, Lone Grove, Okla. — Honorary Pirate
  Richard Brigante, Winter Garden, Fla. — Honorary Haunted Mansion Butler
  Timothy Dunne, Nashua, N.H. — Honorary Haunted Mansion Butler
  Gordon Free, Freeland, Wash. — Honorary Haunted Mansion Butler
  Michael Hemphill, Tucson, Ariz. — Honorary Haunted Mansion Butler
  Karen Lemker, Magnolia, Texas — Honorary Haunted Mansion Maid
  Eliza Edel, New York, N.Y. — Honorary Princess-in-Waiting
  Heather Kuhns, Allentown, Penn. — Honorary Princess-in-Waiting
  Jordan Leigh Tripp, Orem, Utah — Honorary Princess-in-Waiting
  Kimberly Merritt, Edmond, Okla. — Honorary Princess-in-Waiting
  Catharin Morello, High Bridge, N.J. — Honorary Princess-in-Waiting
  Brandon Barbosa, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. — Honorary Parade Performer
  Roxanne Fermin, Riverside, Calif. — Honorary Parade Performer
  Heather Harris, Edgewater, Md. — Honorary Parade Performer
  Lisa Mettlen, Raytown, Mo. — Honorary Parade Performer
  Allison Kaori Shiozaki-Kawamoto, Cerritos, Calif. — Honorary Parade