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Morning Roundup – June 5

  • Marketwatch reports on Disney’s expansion into China beyond the theme park and animation properties. They’ve set up a venture capital firm with a name that should ring a bell to Disney fans – Steamboat Ventures.
  • The Times Online looks at a new find of original concept sketches for Tinkerbell that were found in research for a new book called ‘Disney Opus’.
  • Former Disney Chair and CEO Michael Eisner’s ‘Conversations’ interview format show has been picked up again by CNBC. He’ll be filming 12 more episodes. I’ve actually enjoyed watching a few of these episodes in equal parts for the stories and watching the train crash in progress.
  • TVLand, part of the Viacom MTV networks, has won the cable syndication rights to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and will begin running repeats from the first five seasons beginning in August.
  • Matterhorn 1959 is back with Stuff From The Park after a little server snafu. The first post is a series of sometimes beautiful, sometimes eerie black and white photos from 1955.