Sentinel reviews new Swan & Dolphin Restaurant – Il Mulino

Il Mulino New York Trattoria recently opened inside the Swan Resort at Walt Disney World. It replaced Palio, both restaurants offer fine italian fare. Scott Joseph, Orlando Sentinel Food Critic, took in a couple meals at Il Mulino and then traveled to New York to eat at the original for good measure. While finding the food good, Joseph found something lacking in the duplication.

Il Mulino New York-Orlando and Il Mulino New York-New York share some
similarities in the food — the oil-rich bread, the salumi and an identical
pasta fagioli — but there are so many differences that one wonders if there
is a reason the two share a name other than to exploit it. It would be a
little like opening a chain of concert auditoriums seating thousands under the
name La Scala. They could present opera performances, and some of them might
be good. But  the experience just wouldn’t be the same.

Entrees: $20-$43. Reservations are recommended.