Morning Round Up – June 4th

  • The Houston Chronicle has a small suite of articles useful for anyone still putting together vacation plans to Walt Disney World this summer. Including one on theme park secrets and one on the magic of Imagineering.
  • One of the guests injured while evacuating Kali River Rapids last week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom talks about her plans to return to the park with her family. It probably won’t include a ride on Kali anytime soon.
  • Foxxfur, from the really terrific blog Passport to Dreams Old and New, has a guest column over on the equally terrific blog 2719 Hyperion. Foxx looks at the current state of affairs in Walt Disney World’s Resorts and the upcoming major expansion of room capacity and has some slightly controversial ideas about it all.
  • The Media Analyst at SeekingAlpha stirs up some more controversy placing the true value of share of stock from the Walt Disney Company at $65. The stock is currently trading at around $35 a share.
  • Grayling, Michigan is the latest community to join in the Disney development guessing game. An unnamed developer has announced plans to build a themed entertainment zone called "Main Street America". Sounds similar to Disney’s non-themepark development plans, but I doubt it’s them.
  • Want to learn to animate on Renderman, the same software used by the folks at Pixar? Then you’ll be happy to hear some training software has been authorized by Pixar.
  • PushingRope reports on a defunct band, the Blake Babies, whose music streaming privileges were suspended on Myspace for playing their own music. Only problem is Disney owns the rights to the masters for songs of the band’s songs.