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Ratatouille Soundtrack now available on Amazon

Ratatouillesoundtrack The Ratatouille Soundtrack available for pre-order on It ships June 26 and costs $18.98. Michael Giacchino (Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible 3) wrote the music and if it’s anywhere as good as The Incredibles I’m very excited.

The track list is included below the cut as it may include spoilers. 

1. Le Festin
2. Welcome To Gusteau’s
3. I’m A Rat
4. Remy’s Secret Life
5. Granny Get Your Gun
6. 100 Rat Dash
7. Wall Rat
8. Power Kitchen
9. He’s Ruining The Soup
10. Souped Up
11. New Friends
12. Remy Drives A Linguini
13. Breakfast Is Served
14. Ropes A La Colette
15. Special Order
16. Kumpania
17. Losing Control
18. Paper Chase, The
19. Stealing For The Family
20. Remy’s Revenge
21. Remy Breaks Out
22. Abandoning Ship
23. Dinner Rush
24. Anyone Can Cook
25. End Creditouilles
26. Rat Main Theme (From Suite)