Pirates 3 to open on record 4,362 screens

I hope everyone who can is out enjoying the third film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series tonight. It’s opening on 4,362 screens, a record for any release. That huge number is important because if Pirates is to break box office records this weekend, they have to have a ton of screens to make up for the long playing time. This is causing an interesting effect where films that have been out for a few weeks are being forced to the side to make way for Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. Variety is even speculating if the overseas opening can help Disney surpass Spidey 3 for the largest world wide opening weekend.

So if you saw the movie tonight, please share your opinion of it in the comments. But do keep it spoiler free. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Pirates 3 to open on record 4,362 screens”

  1. Tonight my sister and I were two of the many who went to an 8pm “Pirates” opening show. I live in a small town and it wasn’t advertised that the movie theater was starting the showing at the early 8pm time. The only way to know of it is by asking at the theater’s box office in person.

    The crowd was small and there were a lot of empty seats. But, it was worth it. The only problem is that people automatically leave during the ending credits when really, you should stay or you miss something.

    Overall, the experience was great and I think the storytelling was wonderful. Also, if you are a fan of the ride at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, there is a little part in the film that is based off it. ^_^

  2. I saw Pirates III at downtown Disney last night at the 8 pm show. Disney kindly dropped off some posters and most of the folks came dressed as pirates out to have a great time. They were not disappointed in the least. The length of the movie may be almost 3 hours but it went by in about 30 minutes. And this is from someone who is older than Johnny.

  3. I went to the 8 pm showing in my local cinema-there wasn’t a single empty seat! The movie started at 8 but me and 4 of my friends arrived at 10 minutes past 7 and the place was already a quarter filled but it was diffentaly worth the wait and it was the best movie i have ever seen and i’m going to the cinema to see it again tomorow probably!

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