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Morning Roundup

  • Jim Hill Media has details about a shake-up in management at Walt Disney Imagineering. Hopefully this change is instituted from the top or it’s unlikely anything will be different in the parks.
  • Disney World workers have approved a contract extension while negotiations go on after the first vote rejected Disney’s offer. So no strike on the horizon.
  • A group of adults and teens was arrested on charges of assaulting a deputy sheriff after a brawl at Magic Kingdom on Sunday night. The story says they were drunk, which is odd since no alcohol is served at the MK. But Sunday night was an Extra Magic Hours, so these were guests at a Disney hotel.
  • Over on we learn that the ‘Leave A Legacy‘ tiles will no longer be sold after June 16th. The monuments will remain for an undetermined period of time. (Hopefully not too much longer.)
  • WDW Magic reports on some changes to the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A ninth row is being added and the spiel is being tinkered with.
  • Pixar director Brad Bird’s next film will be 1906 based on the San Francisco Quake according to This will also be a live action production, not animation. My step-grandfather was a survivor of the 1906 SF Quake and was always re-reading a couple of books about the experience.