Morning Roundup – May 17

  • The Devil Rays won the second game at Disney’s WWoS last night. The New York Times writes about the experiment.
  • Disney will produce it’s first Chinese-Language film. The film is part live action and part animated and is co-produced with the state run media in China.
  • That eyesore of a hotel at the Hwy-192 and I-4 interchange will be re-opening after a quick remodeling as the Orlando Sun Resort. It will eventually be removed to make way for a new resort.
  • Disney spreads the love with a $12.5 million donation to help build a performing arts center in Orlando. That sum will get the Disney name on one of the theaters at the complex.
  • Enter the Huggies "Discover the Magic" sweepstakes to win one of 40 vacations to Walt Disney World
  • Wall Street Journal looks at what VIP status gets you at different theme parks including Disney’s.
  • The Lyon’s Den at EOnline! met with most of the Pirates 3 cast and shares some trivia he learned about each of them.

Readers, what do you think about this new morning roundup format?

3 thoughts on “Morning Roundup – May 17”

  1. Yes yes yes – this is the perfect “google news” type of Morning Roundup that is needed. Thank you!
    This feature will move your site to the top of the links list that I check daily for Disney news.

  2. This round-up format is a great idea! Love to see it continue.

    By the way, the Huggies sweepstakes you link to is only open to those people over 18 who have a child under 5. It’s in the official rules. Might want to make an update on that link.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this Blog. Read it every day. Keep it up!

  3. Jeff, I’d love to hear what other sites you check out daily to see if there are any I am missing. Maybe this is a topic for another post.

    Thanks for reading The Disney Blog


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