Disney Hacks

One of the primary advantages of being a truly dedicated fan to any cause is that you get to know all the little tips and tricks to maximize your enjoyment due to your repeated experience of the product. At very few places is this more true than for fans of Disney theme parks, films, websites, and other products.

This living list will attempt to assemble all the best Disney tips and tricks, or hacks. If you have a favorite hack, send me the link or the tip via email.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Free Money Withdraws at Disney’s Theme Parks. If you’re at the park and need to
withdraw cash from the ATM, save yourself the transaction fee and go to
Guest Relations instead. Use your credit card to buy Disney Dollars,
get your reward points and spend the bucks as you would cash inside the
parks. Left with a few Disney Dollars at the end of your trip? Redeem
them at your local Disney Store or give them as gifts for birthdays and

2. USB Thumbdrive Lost Child Finder. This is a slightly controversial hack, but the author claims it worked for them. Follow the original author’s script to autoload contact information when a USB Thumbdrive is inserted in a computer. Give the device to the child and tell them to find the nearest cast member and give the USB thumbdrive to them if they are lost. This worked for the original author. Some have mentioned that just putting the contact information on dogtags and hanging them around your child’s neck would have the same effect, but some think the added security of the thumbdrive is nice. See Full Story on The Disney Blog.