Epcot’s Spaceship Earth gets new post-show

Kevin Yee has a great rundown on the new games designed by the CMU ETC
silicon valley branch students at the exit to Spaceship Earth. Each contains an interesting
vision of the future. Nice to see Imagineering tapping the minds of
these talented college students.

I visited the area last weekend and was able to play both games that were available. There is no lack of quality in these games and the playability factor is really easy. The project team was still around checking on how well the games withstood their first public use. A few small adjustments were needed, but nothing large at all. My only quibble is that they need to chop about 1-2 minutes off the ‘Super Driver’ simulator.

The nicest thing about the new post-show area is that while is obviously an advertisement for the new sponsor Siemens, it is very subtle. Really a perfect balance of show and sponsorship. (Link)

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