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Universal Studios to build in Dubai

It’s not secret that Dubai is quickly becoming the world destination for vacation tourism. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has been rumored to be in talks with Disney for a resort and theme park in the region.

And now we hear that Universal Studios will building a theme park there.

A Universal Studios theme park will be a cornerstone attraction in the huge Dubailand vacation resort rapidly rising in the United Arab Emirates.

The park, to be called Universal Studios Dubailand, will be comparable in size to Universal Studios Orlando, should open by 2010 and is projected to eventually draw up to 5 million visitors a year.

The park won’t be owned by Universal but will operate on a license and rely on technology, expertise, and products from Universal. This is similar to Universal Studios Japan and Toyko Disneyland, two very successful theme parks.

This new brand of baby parks must be a tough decision by the companies. On one hand you want to spread your brand influence as far as you can. On the otherhand, you don’t want these new parks cannibalizing your existing audience. Maybe Universal can use the licensing fees from this park to improve the stateside ones and make them jewels that must been seen.