Disney Princess Cosplay

I know I’m a little late to the ball on this, but if you’re not one of the 90,000 viewers who’ve already seen this video, you should check it out. Disney Princess Cosplay from the 2005 San Diego Comic Con.

Cosplay is heavily Anime oriented. Anyone know why there isn’t more Disney stuff? (Aside from the fact that it originated in Japan.)

Same skit from another angle and more photos of the cosplay.

2 thoughts on “Disney Princess Cosplay”

  1. There isn’t more Disney cosplay because the costumes for Disney princesses look great on screen, but they look ridiculous on real people. They’re even sort of sketchy on the actresses who work at the park, sometimes. The princesses are also sort of simplistic to be appealing for adult cosplayers. Japanese anime has a lot more adult themes and adult heros. It’s more appealing to adult cosplayers.

  2. Well, even though the Princess dresses can look ridiculous on real people, *cough* Snow White *cough*, they’re simplistic so they can be changed a bit or embellished. The simplicity of the costumes allow for more personal touches or tweaks and still be recognizable. I cosplayed as Belle in her normal dress from Beauty and the Beast and it fit with the KH fandom. However, my friend Paige on the next day came as Belle in the ballgown from Beauty and the Beast. With the dress we added more details such as roses instead of pearls and a different hairpiece with rose hairpins, but everyone still sees it as belle. I have known others who went as megara, Alice and peter pan, and the reception is astonishingly warm and even gleeful. And besides, its fun to have everyone fawning over your costume and take pictures and stuff, even kids and their moms do it if you’re a Disney character!

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