Rapunzel adds second director chair

LaughingPlace.com’s animation insider Rhett Wickham has the scoop on big changes at Walt Disney Feature Animation. It’s been rumored for some time that the "Rapunzel" product was having some story troubles after the first act. It has already been transitioned from a Shrek like parody film to a traditional narrative and uses some new Computer Animation techniques that are being brought into question as to how they support the story. So the big question has been will "Rapunzel" director Glen Keane heed the warnings of John Lasseter and take on a second chair director, or will Keane go the way of Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch), who once helmed "American Dog".

Thankfully Keane listened and the new director is Dean Wellins.

Dean first came to Disney Feature Animation on "Treasure Planet", where he was
part of Keane’s team on John Silver, before becoming Head of Story on "American
Dog", a post he left to take the helm on "Rapunzel" alongside Keane.

Wellins also worked with Brad Bird on "Iron Giant". (Read)