Walt Disney Treasures DVD series to continue

Animated News has the good news that the Walt Disney Treasures DVD series will continue with a seventh release. The new release will include three double-DVD sets:
Disneyland: Stories, Secrets, and Magic,
Chronological Donald, Volume 3, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. That last one is the first US release of Walt Disney’s original serial cartoon character since Bob Iger reacquired the rights to the character in a swap for sports announcer Al Michaels.

The series is overseen by film historian and critic Leonard Maltin. It was rumored that the Walt Disney Treasures series was over, but it looks like the outcry by fans of the series was sufficient for at least one more release. Look for the limited edition DVD sets in stores starting December 11th. (Read)

6 thoughts on “Walt Disney Treasures DVD series to continue”

  1. This seems weird to me for two reasons:

    1. If I’m not mistaken both the Oswald collection and Secrets Stories and Magic were slated for release under the new Disney Legacy Collection brand. Those future titles are now wiped from the official Legacy page and there’s no mention of the Destino release which sounded like it would have an entire DVD dedicated to it:

    2. Also, they would only be releasing 3 DVDs when they have normally been releasing waves of 4.

    At the end of the day, I’m glad that rare material is being released but I’m curious about the changes in line-up.

  2. Well I should HOPE they’d do more Treasures, at the very LEAST to complete the Donald collection.
    So the Legacy collection is supposed to kind of take over from the Treasures? Sounds like a branding perfect for Song of the South.

    hey, one can dream.

  3. Walt Disney Treasures to Continue

    Walt Disney Treasures to Continue: Talking of Disney It looks like theyre not going to stop the Disney Treasures DVD series after all. The next wave, released in December, will include Disneyland: Stories, Secrets, and Magic…

  4. I was hoping they would release more Mickey Mouse Club serials – like Corky and White Shadow, the Annette serials and more Spin & Marty and Hardy Boys. Any idea how to contact someone about this?

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