Virtual Tower of Terror in Half-life

Someone built a virtual version of the Disney-MGM Studios Tower of Terror attraction in the popular Half-Life 2 game. Did a really good job too. The video walk-through is a little humorous for other reasons, but if this keeps up you won’t need to visit Orlando to visit Walt Disney World.

Here’s a similar vid of the same mod that may be a little less nauseas inducing. (Thanks to Matt!)

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  1. Disney’s Tower of Terror recreated in Half Life 2

    Half-Life 2 players have created an incredible game level based on the Walt Disney World version of the Tower of Terror, a Twilight-Zone-themed thrill ride. The Tower is one of the most detailed and exciting rides in Disney’s bag of tricks, and the le…

  2. Ha! Very impressive re-creation. I actually laughed aloud a few times during the video because it was so well done.

  3. HL2’s Tower Of Terror

    I’ve never been to Disneyland. Have never really wanted to, either, not my cup of tea. But if I ever did, and in particular wanted to go see the Twilight Zone ride Tower of Terror, now I can. And I…

  4. Very clever. I could feel myself being thrown about in the lift – only this time it was better cos there were no stupid people screaming and no massive queues to get in. Nicely Done.

  5. They have already made this map for Counter-Strike 1.6, so this is just a remake. Of course it is better than the original, but thats because the Source engine has more sophisticated commands that can be run.

  6. You can’t imagine the level of detail that’s gone into this, everything from the queue lines..there’s a few more drops in the real one, and the elevator moves through some others things first..but basically spot on.

  7. Half-Life 2 Map Recreates Disney Tower of Terror Ride

    Complete with Twilight Zone sound effects, a map author has created a virtual version of the Disney-MGM Studios Tower of Terror attraction in the popular Half-Life 2 game. The map is meticulous in detail. The video walk-through is a little humorous for…

  8. this is a nice map, but doesn’t depict the actual ride in as much detail and accuracy as the one by NIPPER for counter-strike and counter-strike source

  9. that map is awsome ive tried it it has so many details its incredible but its mising one thing on this the spiral room but its good

  10. in half life 2 can you create your own levels like that please someone tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wow they used the music from the garden aswel !!
    but u dont come out the spiral at the end!!:(
    and the windows doesnt smash in the drop

    where did they get the soundtrack from !! ? ?!?!?!

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  13. i cant download it. i cant extract the files forretly. it stinks because i REALLY think its cool, only it wont work because i cant seem to do it right.

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