Three more Robinson Reviews

Add a few more reviews to my previous post. Again they are mixed.

2719 Hyperion: I ended up truly loving the movie. It surprised me on a level that was
wholly and totally unexpected, with a heartfelt finish that reminded me
of what Pixar accomplishes so well in just about all of their films.
Yet it is not difficult to understand that in our popular culture that
has become increasingly cynical and jaded, and fueled constantly by
internet negativity, that many critics and like-minded viewers would
reject the Robinsons’ positive and idealistic message.

Film Ick: The very first shot was simply breathtaking – a street lit by sodium lamps in the heavy rain. The shot would have been striking in 2D but with the added depth, the cascading fields of rain, it was – and I’m being utterly sincere – one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced in the cinema.

Mouse Extra: The story is certainly not a bad one.  An orphan boy-genius inventor
goes to the future and discovers what his life will become, while a
villain with a personal grudge tries to change the hero’s life by
altering history.  It’s a simple story that has promise, but it buckles
under the weight of maddening movie ineptness.  I can’t count how many
times during the film I turned to my wife and asked her if the scene we
just watched was supposed to be funny.  She didn’t know, and neither
did the theater fill of children who never laughed once during the
whole movie.