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The Pixarification of Disney

While we’re on the subject of rumors, here’s a doozy — Disney-MGM Studios is on the way to becoming Disney-Pixar Studios. Okay, so it’s not a new rumor. This has been making its way through the halls of Disney fandom since the companies co-distributed Toy Story, the original. But it has been growing in believability since the two companies merged (er, sorry, since Pixar was acquired).

A couple of the major Disney fan sites have posted on and off about the potential name change and just recently chimed in. For good measure Screamscape also claims that the theme park will be in for some major theme changes or ‘placemaking’ in the parlance of Imagineers. No word yet on what those new things would be.

As usual, I don’t believe any Disney rumor until the day after it’s open.  But I think this would be a great move and a good opportunity for Disney to bring over some of those Pixar themed attractions from California Adventure. Heck even move Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor out of Tomorrowland to a park where is more appropriately themed.