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Formula 1 coming to Disneyland Paris?

Mousekingdom Blog posts some informed speculation that a Formula 1 track and theme park might appear at the Disneyland Paris Resort someday soon.

Why not? Imagine the new visitors this might bring to the park. A third
park on property, although not owned by Euro Disney S.C.A., might bring
extra people into the hotels and would convince those interested in F1
to stay on for an extra couple of days in a Disney park. F1 is big
business, ticket prices are very high, bringing in some of the wealthy
people, suites might be fully booked around a F1 weekend and DLRP might
well benefit from this if the deal is done well. The rest of the year
could be filled with many other racing events.

Looks like the idea has the backing of some of the sports leaders, including Bernie Ecclestone. A Formula 1 race would certainly be added incentive for me to cross the pond and visit yet another Sleeping Beauty Castle. (Link)